Tuesday, September 16, 2014


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  My full name is Anne Marie Marguerite Bihéron Malèvre. I have travelled and seen a lot for years, and now I have finally decided to settle down again and start a little business. I am currently living in the warm lands of Spain, for now, but I am a fickle woman, ¿who knows when I will move again?

  I am specially fond of some of the museums I visited in Europe, like Musée Dupuytren of pathological anatomy in my homeland, in Paris, or the anatomical museum of Montpellier, and of course Museo Specola in Florence. That is why I have resolved to put my knowledge to work, so that I can bring you some of the rarest objects to this my chamber of wonders.

  I sincerely hope you enjoy as much as I do with the specimens and information I will write here...

  See you soon, my dearests.

Marguerite B. Malèvre

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